The Centre for Research & Education in Public Health, Health Policy & Primary Health Care [CEPH] will support independent critical research and education in a broad range of disciplines relevant to health.

Guided by the view that health is a social right, it will highlight through scientific research, the adverse effects of austerity and privatisation on healthcare and social welfare, and the widen inequalities that result and will focus its research on the advantages and scope for the development of publicly funded and collectively planned provided health care in the post Covid 19 era

The Center will encourage interdisciplinary collaboration drawing upon perspectives and techniques from philosophy, sociology, anthropology, political economy, health services research, and social epidemiology. Its purview will encompass research on International Health, Migration and Ecology, in addition to attention to Greek health and social policy. In addition to carrying out research, it will actively publicise and disseminate research findings.



Scientific Board

Feride Aksu-Tanik, Professor of Public Health, Turkey

Thanasis Alexiou, Professor of Sociology, Greece

Fram Baum, Professor of Public Health, Australia

Hans-Ulrich Deppe, Professor of Medical Sociology, Germany

Miran Epstein, Reader in Medical Ethics, UK

David Himmelstain, Professor of Public Health and Health Policy, USA

Elias Kondilis, Associate Professor of Primary Health Care and Health Policy, Greece

Colin Leys, Emeritus Professor of Political Economy, UK

Kayhan Pala, Professor of Public Health, Turkey

Christos Papatheodorou, Professor of Social Policy, Greece

Maria Pempetzoglou, Associate Professor of Public Economics, Greece

Maria Petmesidou, Emeritus Professor of Social Policy, Greece

Howard Waitzkin, Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Social Medicine, USA

Steffie Woolhandler, Professor of Public Health, USA

Coordinator: Alexis Benos, Professor of Hygiene, Social Medicine and Primary Health Care, Greece